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Re: Festus will be # 3 Center by Feb.
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Posted by E-Doh (formerly E-Damp) on 2012-12-31 10:16:31

In Reply to: Festus will be # 3 Center by Feb. posted by the prodigy on 2012-12-31 09:31:26

Made it to the Philly game while down in the Bay Area over the holidays and couple of observations:
1) Ezeli's hands look even worse in person, dude missed three straight passes which should have led to dunks
2) Curry still prone to making lazy half-ass passes
3) Klay can oscillate from good Klay to Klaytard from minute to minute. His "defense" on Nick Young in the 4th was a joke
4) great to see Biedrins have a solid game, can even say I was there to witness a made free throw.
5) Lee was a flat out stud, after blowing the 20-point lead by going into "settle for 20-foot jumpers" mode they made a concerted effort to get Lee the ball in the block and he abused Kwame Brown
6) Thank (fill in your preferred deity) for Jack and Landry, truly believe the record would reversed without them
7) JRue Holiday is a stud
8) Spence Hawes' mullet suits his crappy game perfectly
9) Barnes showed some flashes, then was banished to the bench for long stretches
10) Great to see D-Wrong clanking wide open jumpers
11) Nice to see J-Rich, wished he was playing though
12) Nothing is more annoying then sitting in front of stupid Philly fans, with their Iverson jerseys, that don't even know the names of their team's starters


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