It is amazing, but it is almost entirely due to a very easy part of the schedule

17-game win streak:

1. vs. Minnesota
2. vs. Sacramento
3. @ Utah
4. vs. Dallas
5. vs. Phoenix
6. vs. Toronto
7. @ Chicago
8. @ Charlotte
9. @ Milwaukee
10. @ Detroit
11. vs. New Orleans
12. vs. Sacramento
13. @ Phoenix
14. vs. Denver
15. vs. Boston
16. @ Utah
17. vs. Utah

Really their only impressive wins were vs. Denver on Christmas and the 19-point comeback they had in Utah. Not taking anything away from them, but during a cake part of their schedule all they did was take care of business.
Posted by: Don Nelson's Chocolate Cake (51831) on 12-12-31 01:30:52
In Reply to: sounds about right. Amazing the Clippers won every game in Dec posted by Firehouse on 12-12-31 01:13:25

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