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I threw out the Rams tie.
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Posted by Vonteego on 2012-12-31 02:17:47

In Reply to: this is wrong. Kaep basically played 8 games since he came in w/ 6:31 left in the 2nd Q in the Rams posted by ionlyhaveonerule on 2012-12-30 16:58:59

Only used the games that were started by Kap (7 starts). Not going to factor in the random drives he came in on. Because if he had started the whole year, those drives wouldn't happen. You're basically saying to use the random drives he was inserted on + him finishing the Rams tie as an 8th start, which I don't think makes sense. Those games are irrelevant to use in judging him as a starter.

As such, I also threw out the tie for Alex Smith to be fair. In his case, I just doubled his stats since that would equate to 8 starts (w/o Rams tie).


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