true but 3 of those guys were from the d-league

I was a big fan of Azubuike though. It's a shame that injury messed up his playing career. I also was a big Monta fan but realize, Curry was the better player to keep. Curry when healthy is playing at close to all-star level. I am sure by next year Curry will be an all-star.

The way the Warriors are playing this year, reminds be of how fun it was to watch the A's play this year. Young players that got the most out of their team and exciting to watch. I have friends that weren't even A's fans that found themselves watching their games because you couldn't help but admire how they were playing.

I am thinking the Warriors may end up being one of those teams that everyone will start rooting for in the playoffs because they will grow on more fans around the league.
Posted by: Firehouse (734) on 12-12-31 01:09:57 | Advertiser
In Reply to: Remember when Monta, Biedrins, Randolph, Wright, Morrow and Azubuike were all young? posted by Bopper on 12-12-31 00:29:28

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