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no s!@t, can't win either way with trollers
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Posted by mullyasadanoguac on 2012-12-31 00:19:20

In Reply to: LOL posted by Sebby on 2012-12-30 16:58:03

"For no reason" is rich. The guy has been asked 2,000 times why he doesn't throw for more yards and he finally explains why that doesn't always matter and people cry. Esp funny is its clearly a large function of the system harbaugh runs - ie kaep and Alex are averaging pretty much amount of yards. The funniest part of this bitching is the smith haters constanty say he's a pussy and "harbaugh is built differently, can't respect a man who thinks like Alex" ha, and now they are whining that he broke a code red? Is it a secret that cam was an NFL darling and now is having a tough year? Is it a secret that he has complained all year about his team? No. And I also love the argument that Alex as QB didbt "in anyway have anything to do with teams successes." Laughable trolling from people who thought the niners had no talent two years ago, who thought Alex couldnt tie his own shoe let alone win 14 games and a playoff game


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