he's another monta/jr smith guys in that same vein, has all the talent in the world but is an iso

player. He looks great when he's making shots but when they are cold they don't play defense or pass and just continue to throw up bad shots. Crawford/Monta/JR Smith can look like superstars when they are hot but when they're not they can't do shit. I hope we put guy with length on him like the suns would do against monta by putting grant hill on him. If Klay can play defense like he did vs Boston then he will do, but I think Barnes will be able to shut him down.
Posted by: ☺cráshbránman™ (19993) on 12-12-30 13:10:23
In Reply to: Jamal Crawford is a really interesting NBA player posted by Lawston on 12-12-30 12:56:48

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