He has nothing to do with what is going on with them

First of all, he is market rate for his position(s). He's 30 minutes of bench forward.

Second, if you look at what is actually hurting them right now. They have two problem spots. SG and C. Just not up to snuff at those positions right now, and they know that.

Third, the Bradley factor. I don't think he is going to be the savior or anything, but they clearly don't the team that they want right now. When they moved KG to center last year, it was at the exact same time they moved Bradley into the starting lineup. It allowed them to get away with having less size, because it was harder for teams to exploit it due to (a) his ball pressure, and (b) Bradley and KG were quite possibly the best pick-and-roll defensive combo ever.

More specific to Green, they had intended their second unit to be more uptempo. Green is a very good player in transition at both forward spots, and having never played with a true PG, was rather underutilized there. Intent was to have Rondo/Bradley/Green/Wilcox/whoever be able to push tempo when KG was off the floor. Force TOs with pressure and get out and run. Can't do that right now. They out there with Sullinger, Terry, Lee and Jason Collins. Can't run shit with that, lol.
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