Wufford mentioned something interesting about Jackson and Steinmetz

I was even surprised to hear about it at all, considering how PC they try to be these days.

Henry Wufford basically said on the radio that Steinmetz had been pushing Jackson's buttons too much post-game conferences. Because Matt played collegiate ball and has a deeper working knowledge of the game than "reporters" like Wufford, Matt is able to ask more technical questions. He would follow up with his ?'s and according to Wufford, Jackson gave Matt the cold shoulder.

Matt later apologized and Jackson eased up a bit more.

Wufford was however stating "Somebody has to ask coach why he doesn't call more time outs when the other team's making a big run"

Don't see much of matt these days....
Posted by: Steven (936) on 12-12-29 08:43:12 | Advertiser

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