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I'm not sure where you're going here.
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Posted by JamesKrygan on 2012-12-29 09:16:15

In Reply to: So your statement is we need a slasher but you don't have anything past that? posted by elpeezey on 2012-12-29 08:59:26

I stated that as I watch the games, we win and lose with the jump shot. We lack the dimension of a slasher/shot creator. When we're not hitting the outside shots, we dwindle away leads. Are we not allowed to point out weaknesses unless we have a foolproof trade to go accompany it?

Once again: I am happy with where the team is. Once again: Harrison Barnes may eventually fill the void. I am not bashing the team. I am not complaining. But there is room for improvement; internal development and a healthy Bogut alone doesn't guarantee that we grow into a top tier team.


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