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Play just another example of why Pierce one of the most underrated guys ever
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Posted by buzz on 2012-12-29 07:11:37

In Reply to: Warriors must not let this happen again (from Mar 14, 2012) posted by nomad on 2012-12-29 06:23:40

How many go-to guys out there that can play as productively and efficiently within the flow of a team's offense?

Before you answer that, think about the question and what I am asking.

Obviously, you can say guys like Nash or Paul, but they are point guards, and once-in-a-decade point guards at that. Real answer is LeBron, maybe Duncan... that's about it.

Read that Pierce leads the NBA in game-winning assists the last 10-12 years or whatever. Now that you guys getting a crash course in winning basketball, lemme just highlight that it is supposed to look like that.



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