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meh, refs review the game. players who get fouled or conversely are not fouling build reputations
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Posted by ionlyhaveonerule on 2012-12-29 07:05:46

In Reply to: he's been ok at that... // has he ever once gotten a foul call against him driving tho posted by BC on 2012-12-29 06:44:51

within refs minds. body contact isn't a foul if the defender is in position. really block/charge is where you see the most missed calls, but those are probably really hard to officiate live considering the viewing angles.

the areas where NBA refs tend to not call a fair game is with teams/players that are always bending the rules by camping in the lane, moving screens (or those illegal KG style leg spread screens) or carrying the ball all the time, etc.

it's like "we can't call it all the time so..."
if it were me, i'd call it all the time b/c then they'd adjust.


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