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You're right, but look at the teams that typically go farthest
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Posted by JamesKrygan on 2012-12-29 06:37:49

In Reply to: Re: True. But I'd still like more balance ideally. posted by boxdog337 on 2012-12-29 05:47:58

Last year's Finals featured 5 guys who can slash and get their own shot. San Antonio made the conference Finals and they have Parker and Ginobili. Boston took Miami to 7 with good contributions from Rondo and Pierce.

Conversely, Orlando, with the dominant center of today's game and a bunch of shooters around him, had one Finals appearance (can't knock that for sure) but a bunch of playoff failures too.

The team that makes your case is the 2010-11 Mavs, but they had one of the league's best players to fall back on. And while Dirk isn't a slasher, he certainly got whatever look he wanted in that series.


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