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As for your abberation
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Posted by boxdog337 on 2012-12-29 05:24:49

In Reply to: Re: James Krygan posted by JamesKrygan on 2012-12-29 05:05:36

only 3 out of 12 teams that went into the 4th quarter last night outscored their opponent. Also Orlando blew a 17 pt lead and lost. Indy up 16 only won by 6. Raptors blew a 13 pt lead ,won in OT. Sa had a 19 pt lead only won by 6. Utah blew a 19 pt lead and lost. Sac blew a 27 pt lead and needed a prayer shot to win. GS had a 20 pt lead and won by 7. That is just one night. This happens all the time in the NBA.


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