I'm not freaked but I would like to see them be able to hold a lead and cut down on the minutes of

Curry and Lee a little. And it's significant that the one team we did lose to after leading into the 4th was one of the teams expected to be in the mix at the end (if/when they ever get their act together). Nobody can say they weren't a little more worried when Kobe was the guy we needed to stop to keep from losing a lead. The competition will get better this next month. If we follow the same pattern against a higher number of good teams we can't expect as good a results. Of course, first we have to get up against those good teams, I guess. But I'm just saying, it is living dangerously.
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In Reply to: This team has blown 1 game after leading into the 4th.... They have issues with blowing leads? posted by DK510 on 12-12-29 03:05:02

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