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he's on the roster already
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Posted by Bruno on 2012-12-29 05:11:07

In Reply to: Re: James Krygan posted by JamesKrygan on 2012-12-29 05:05:36

HB40 is the guy! The talent is all there, it's just all a matter of him finding his place in the team.
When to attack, when to pass, when to slash etc.
He is obviously deferring in a lot of situations.

Most, again most rookies go through this. If you look at recent examples like Curry, klay - they also went through it.

Bogut will be a huge difference if and when he comes back but it will also be some work to get him integrated into the current rotation and some adjustment in their offense - for sure.

I think in this league, talent wins. When you get guys committed and refusing to let go of the rope, good things happen.


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