More to do with style than substance

The W's are at their best when they shoot early in the shot clock and play aggressive defense. In the 4th quarter and with a lead the natural tendency for any team is to use clock and not foul. That's why in all those games ...even the ones they lost they look bad until the game gets really close or fall behind and then look better as they revert to their normal game. Playing not to lose is always a dangerous gamble but teams in every sport do it. Look at football...teams pass the ball up and down the field at will and have a lead in the 4th and they go conservative with the prevent defense and ball control offense.
Posted by: boxdog337 (37205) on 12-12-29 02:28:00
In Reply to: The team is playing better than I could have imagined without Bogut, but a cause for concern posted by JamesKrygan on 12-12-29 01:12:49

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