The team is playing better than I could have imagined without Bogut, but a cause for concern

is the recent trend of blowing leads. It wasn't just last night and the Laker game. They had trouble putting New Orleans and Charlotte away too. Even on the road trip, though it was too little too late, Charlotte made a 4th quarter charge.

As I've said before, I think this team needs a slasher/shot creator in the worst way. Granted, given where this team has been for years, we'll all be more than happy with a playoff appearance, but I'm talking about the next step. To me, these leads get blown because teams can't sustain hot perimeter shooting for 4 quarters. When the going gets tough, all the Dubs can do is keep shooting until they start hitting. Will being able to dump the ball inside to Bogut help? Yes, but he's not exactly a dominant post player. Barnes showed flashes of aggresssiveness last night so maybe he will eventually become the go to slasher type that I feel we need.
Posted by: JamesKrygan (10352) on 12-12-29 01:12:49

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