DWright: "He looked me in the eye and threw it". haha

Ric Bucher:

Play and quote of the night go to Jarrett Jack, who heaved Dorelle Wright's lost shoe into the stands and afterward

feigned mock-surprise that the 76ers felt it was unnecessary and borderline unsportsmanlike. "I didn't want anybody to step on it and get hurt," he said, unable to disguise the mischievous glint in his eye. "I should get a sportsmanship *award.* I was trying to help." How it happened: Klay Thompson, chasing Dorelle Wright on a breakaway, winds up stepping on the back of Wright's left shoe and popping it off as Wright sprawls to the floor and loses the ball. Jack sees the shoe just below the free-throw line and underhands it 10 feet into the air over the baseline. Evan Turner scores on a running bank over Jack seconds later, but Jack inbounds the ball and then races to the other end as Wright attempts to play D with one shoe and nails a 3, at which point the Sixers called a 20-second timeout to retrieve Wright's shoe. The lace, it turned out, had snapped, forcing the 76ers to retrieve a new pair of shoes for Wright to wear. By the time he checked back in the Warriors' lead, trimmed to 2 before the 3, had ballooned to 9. All in all, the 3 sparked 19-6 run to end the first half. That Wright, a former Warrior, and Jack are friends and were part of the three-team deal that brought Jack to Golden State, only added to the incident. "He looked me in the eye and threw it," Wright said. "I'm going to get him back, though." Jack laughed when told of Wright's comment and denied any pointed stare. "They would've been super upset if Jrue Holiday had come down the lane, stepped on it and got hurt," he said. "I think they should send me a thank-you card."
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