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9-6 don't mean s!@t. Warriors are +2 home vs. road while Denver & Utah are +3.
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Posted by The Black Falcon on 2012-11-29 23:51:51

San Antonio is +7 and gave David Stern the big FU today for the manner in which he so clearly tried to screw them with an unbelievably unfavorable home vs. road schedule.

Even after today's 50-50 luck, both the Nuggets and the Jazz have outperformed the Warriors to date.

But even though the Ws are only +2, that does not make them chopped liver.

+7 San Antonio
+5 New York
+4 Miami
+3 Memphis, Denver, Utah
+2 Oklahoma City, Warriors, Brooklyn, Atlanta
+1 Indiana
0 LA Clippers, Milwaukee, Minnesota

The Warriors are currently tied for 7th-10th in the NBA and 5th-6th in the West. And this is not because the Ws' schedule has been particularly weak; only Miami, the Clippers, Denver, New York, New Orleans and Cleveland have any claim to having played more difficult schedules overall to date.

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