LMAO at the callers on the radio stations, crying about A.Smith & saying they fans of him

Crying about Alex Smith that it wasn't fair and they're Alex Fans.

First things first, SHUT THE FUK UP. Since when was you an Smith fan, you all probably the same fuks who was crying for him to leave and were also pissed he got re-signed for 3 more years.

This guy was drafted #1 over all, hasn’t really done shyt since 2005, only started showing some pulse last year for ½ of the last year. This POS didn’t turn the team around it was the coaching, the defense and the special teams that was winning games for the niners. NOT his F’ing over throws, under throws, throwing at receivers ankles, running to the sideline only to throw it out. And forget that stupid passer rating BS with him, it’s only good cause he’s only passing under 10 yrs on ave. that’s why its so deceptive. Most of his passes in his career makes ave. 6-8 yrd dumps. He is a game manager cause Harb doesn’t trust his clown ass to throw past 10 yrds as its gonna be a duck coming up. And he don’t trust him throwing lots.

Cry me a fukin river this dude will never get the Niners to the next level. As he’s always gonna be conservative and defenses can scheme on him for a run game with 30 passes under 12 yrds, pack in the defense as he won’t throw deep. There’s a reason Harb drafted Kaep on the 2nd round and even moved up as he knew Alex AIN’T the one taking them to next level. I’ve been waiting 8 yrs for this POS QB A.Smith to be gone hopefully his gets traded, hell send him to the Raiders they take all the niners rejects or niner passdowns.

Quit with the excuses that its all the offensive coaches, new coaches etc... Coaches don't throw the ball for you nor read the defense. Smith did that, Norv or other coaches didn't throw the ball for smith at his receivers ankles or over/under throw his receivers for him.

You play to win the game.... case in point, Harb knows he not go to win to long with Smith and be stuck at the same level as last year and not the next step. I rather find out with Kaep and see if the kid can .. if not you find a QB that can. hell they did flirt with Manning.

Its not fair my ass, dude got PAID, got every freaking opportunity and team stuck with him for 8 freaking years. What's fair is the team finally figures out its about time for a change.
Posted by: delsol650 (10630) on 12-11-29 16:44:09 | Advertiser

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