Re: Alex Smith-"It sucks, I don't know what else to say".

What he's not willing to admit is the fact that they got as far as they got last year, mainly because of the defense and special teams. He had an OK year, but by his standards, it was a very good year. When the best thing you can say about a QB is that he only threw 5 interceptions, that's like saying your blind date has a good personality.

Yes, their offense is better this year than last. But they're still only middle of the pack NFL-wise. His completion percentage is really high, but it's because he throws a ton of short passes. He gets sacked too much. He's not a very accurate passer beyond 25 yard throws. And when the pocket collapses, he's looking to escape too quickly.

I said it at the beginning of last year...he has a low ceiling. He's about as good as he's going to get. His flaws can be hidden more because he's not asked to do that much.

With that said, it must totally suck to be going through this. Works his butt off and "finally" has some positive mojo after all the crap he's been through with all the coaching changes, taking a physical beating, etc. Chances are he moves on next year has to learn another system. I feel for the guy from that perspective.
Posted by: DL (47) on 12-11-29 15:37:38
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