Couldn't care less either way...Yes, there's politics involved in professional sports

Yes, management of the teams I root for will lie to me from time to time. Nothing personal, it's more for the Nancies who are always looking for something to complain about.

At the end of the day, whether they're fully truthful or not doesn't affect the product on the court. Might affect the way I feel about that product, but whether or not I know exactly how long Andrew Bogut will be out has zero affect on how many games the Warriors will win this year or any other year.
Posted by: Bopper (10222) on 12-11-29 13:39:34
In Reply to: Bob Fitz just said W's didn't hide anything because they weren't allowed to release his medical info posted by SFbaybum on 12-11-29 13:26:34

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