Somehow I knew when anklegate broke that...

you would saddle up your high horse, trot around on the board and deflect criticism from an action that is literally right out of Cohan, Ridder, and Rowell's playbook. They understated the status of a player just so that they could sell more tickets and massively over-hype his stunted five game arrival. Doing so at the expense of hurting the long term health of Bogut and his chemistry with the FO is reckless. Doing so on the hopes and excitement of fans is sad and unfortunate.

At the time of surgery they could have just said, "He will be back, we don't know when, but hopefully in the first half of the season." Rather than push the "by opening night" bullshit that possibly did more harm than good.

I don't think it is that big of a deal, but I would hope that any business be more honest with their customers. Anyways, carry on...
Posted by: Nuck Chorris (17733) on 12-11-29 12:33:13
In Reply to: No, and lol @ MCL cover-up posted by PNQ on 12-11-29 11:36:26

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