While I disagree with PNQ about how the April procedure was characterized

I'll defer to his insider's take (assuming he is what he says he is) on the 7-10 days and ongoing prognosis stuff. Even from a complete outsider's perspective (my only insight comes from rehabbing far less serious injuries myself), it is more or less guesswork and hoping once it gets to this point. I don't think it was handled well; they should've just said from the start that they were going to wait until he felt like he could go at 100 percent and left it at that - no timeframe, but that would've left another avenue for complaints open. Which brings us back to the real issue...

Once they tried to conceal what really went on in April, they kind of had to play it out, so they couldn't really be open about what was going on with the rehab. It has pretty much reached its logical conclusion now; the truth is out, some people are rightfully upset about the lying, others are deeming the lies OK, Bogut is kind of pissed as he feels scapegoated, and there is undeniably egg on the FO's face.

Whatever. Thank God there is a game tonight, so we can go back to arguing about some other bizarre minutiae related to this team.
Posted by: Lonestar (319) on 12-11-29 12:22:18
In Reply to: still LOL @ how it went from 7-10 days to 1-3 months.. posted by daddy on 12-11-29 11:12:20

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