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They are old, but that's not the issue right now at all
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Posted by buzz on 2012-11-29 01:06:33

In Reply to: That team is so old and done. Didn't age like the Spurs at all posted by The Dude on 2012-11-29 00:50:34

They only have 3 old guys in the rotation: KG, Pierce and Terry, all of whom are playing well. Rondo is also playing well.

The problem is that half of the rotation is new players, and they aren't on the same page at all. Half of the minutes being played are by guys who were not on the team last year. Like the Spurs, Celtics are the ultimate TEAM on both ends.

But not playing like one in most of the game so far. Offense is clunky, rotations are late and sometimes missed, all leading to a disturbing lack of intensity at times.

Kinda saw this coming and said so, although had moments in preseason of not wanting to believe it. I think it comes around for sure if they stay healthy, but it might take a while.

And I don't think they are as much of a threat to Miami as they were just a few months ago.


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