He played in a 3-4 at Bama-a 4-3 with the Raiders.

The 3-4 probably helped mask his lack of speed plus he was playing with a lot of top tier talent. With the Raiders that just was not the case.

I was hoping he could be some reasonable fascimile of P.Willis and was happy when the Raiders drafted him because they needed a leader. I guess not. Now they have to fill another hole.

They need to overhaul the interior of the defense and get a pass rusher. Maybe even move to a 3-4.
Posted by: U-Trains #116 (15553) on 12-11-28 23:12:49
In Reply to: Raider environment didn't help, but he was overrated. A few thought he looked slow on film posted by #1 Stunna on 12-11-28 22:54:41

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