"could have" is indicative of the DASH between 6-10 months.

That is the point. YOU, PNQ, are the one declaring to everyone that going out and playing physical, professional basketball right out the gate at the 6 month mark, was absolutely not a wrong decision.

My point to you, is that targetting the low ball number should be accompanied by various confrimations of his readiness, so as not to set things back at all.

Practicing is one of them, and we see them saying that now, that in the first place he only had two days of pracitice, and this time around he needs to get at least a full week in before thinking about playing.

That sounds reasonable and responsible.

You are arguing against that, and saying that playing right off the bat and "trying it out" not in practices, not in more controlled environments, but in real time, physical professional basketball where the outcome is very very important, is the way to go.

Anyways this is a silly conversation. Peace.
Posted by: SHAUNsense (1533) on 12-11-28 12:02:01 | Advertiser
In Reply to: There was no guarantee. There were expectations posted by PNQ on 12-11-28 11:57:10

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