Reds have wanted Chapman to start,though he was damn good as a closer.

here (Cinci) it's been talked about a lot and the Reds are reluctant to say " For Sure" but they lean toward Chapman starting. Likely, Leake gets bumped from the rotation,becomes the long relief guy. Arroyo had a good year, has a pretty big $ contract, but is getting older. He might be gone in a year...with Leake then potentially starting. Tony Cingrani,a lefty, is the top minor league guy,will factor somehow. Cinci got Ryan Madsen to close...and he wound up injured all if he seems okay MIGHT get re-upped at a lot less $ on a short deal. They also may look at other FA options, so,the more the Reds like the rest of the bullpen---the more they lean to Aroldis starting.

I saw him pitch a lot....and when he's at his need major luck to just make contact. However....He was not a real "everyday" reliever.
If used 3 days in a row....his velocity would drop from 100+ to 94-95...and hitters can cope with that. Aroldis ALSO has a nasty slider that can top 90. As a starter...he probably still has to have another pitch he uses. He's done changeup and splitter...but not often. I'd think a cutter could also work. I'd seen a lot of baseball, way back to Koufax, Bob Gibson, and Aroldis can pitch at that level....sometimes. The trick will be consistency,endurance.
Posted by: rem rehab (48341) on 12-11-28 11:59:44
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