lol its so much more of a gray area than you are letting on though

Look at this place. The word microfracture is a 4 letter word here... and I'm guessing 95% have no idea what the procedure even actually is. I'm guessing even less knew the appropriate recovery time pre-me telling everyone. And I'm guessing that absolutely none knew that MF surgery is always a dangling option in any knee scope surgery.

The stigma around the word is much, much worse than the issue itself. If the W's had come entirely clean from day 1, of course it affects ticket sales. But it shouldnt have, considering that this type of MF isn't the death knell like McDyess, Webber and the like.

So the question is: Do you think the general public is smart/interested enough to do the research and find out that Bogut's injury wasn't dire? Do you think the general public would accept the W's explanation if they gave it, or they'd run off on their conspiracy theories, negativity and drama?

And I know you know the answer to that :D
Posted by: PNQ (15699) on 12-11-28 11:30:11
In Reply to: I'm not concerned about what happened with the 7-10 day thing posted by Lonestar on 12-11-28 11:19:18

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