Well, 2 points. One, clearly, you are a minority in this one

There are definitely a lot of rational Ws fans out there who would have looked up MF surgery and seen that the actual procedure on Bogut isn't the dire one that we usually hear about.

But look below. People enjoy this kind of drama and panic, so they'll stretch to believe it.

Like I've outlined before, the only way they misled us is if they said that Bogut would be back in July after knowing he had microfracture surgery. That's it. The rest is literally by the books.

If you need an example of the incompetence of the general public, look no further than the 7-10 day shutdown of Bogut. Look how many fans reference that as a lie. A shutdown period means the guy isn't running, playing, walking, riding bikes, nothing for 10 days, and they re-evaluate. How many people here thought he was coming back at the end of that 10 day layoff?

That right there says all I need to know about the groupthink. Its what makes working in this industry especially frustrating for me - the general population, in big #s, being entirely wrong.
Posted by: PNQ (15699) on 12-11-28 10:49:14
In Reply to: No question it was a cover up posted by Lonestar on 12-11-28 10:38:13

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