Absolutely. MT2 actually has the best write up

I'm not trying to talk down, but the general public sees the word microfracture and freaks out. They dont want to do research and know exactly whats going on. They want general information.

Look at how everyone's reacting even now. Paranoia, completely baseless claims... and its being reinforced by idiots like Rusty Simmons who did absolutely no research either outside of google.

The reaction now entirely justifies the Warriors tip-toing around the word. It's basically a herd mentality of many, many people who really dont know much about these surgeries and their recovery times... and the people who should be feeding them the information - our beat writers - have historically little interest in doing research.

Perfect shit storm. All I know is I'm not jumping on the emo teen bandwagon that's actively looking for drama. The only mistake the W's front office made, IF they did it, was saying Bogut could come back in July after microfracture. I dont know exactly when they said he'd return in July, but if they did it post-surgery, that's not OK. If they did it pre-surgery or as one of those token press releases immediately after surgery, it really doesnt matter as they weren't operating with the information of the MF surgery
Posted by: PNQ (15699) on 12-11-28 10:45:16
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