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No question it was a cover up
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Posted by Lonestar on 2012-11-28 11:38:13

In Reply to: lol the coverup... its becoming awful dramatic in here posted by PNQ on 2012-11-28 11:19:45

I understand the reasons for doing so (the ones you outlined seem reasonable to me), but that doesn't change anything. They didn't tell the truth about what happened, and were dishonest about what did happen on top of that. That's what a cover up is.

This on its own wouldn't be a huge deal to me, but I am starting to see a pattern with the ownership group.

Will it change my viewing habits/loyalty? Probably not, but I certainly won't take their word for anything. They're starting to look like shady dudes on a lot of levels, and that is too bad because from a team building perspective, they are light years better than we've seen around here forever. Furthermore, I think they've underestimated most of the fanbase. We can deal with the truth.


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