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Some truths about microfracture, aka: "Dear Rusty"
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Posted by PNQ on 2012-11-28 11:28:49

So 2 beats have written about this surgery now... I'd advise reading MT2, who looks to have actually done some research here.

But just to put an end to some rumors:

- Ankle microfracture, especially the procedure on Bogut, has a full recovery time of anywhere between 6 months and 10 months, depending on location and size of the MF hole being drilled. Bogut's surgery was on 4/28.

- It was clearly not a planned surgery, but was given the go-ahead by Bogut and W's in pre-op in case something needed to be done, because the surgery date was so far off from the start of this season

- ankle microfracture has shown a lot more consistently positive results than knee microfracture, even though ankle microfracture surgeries started long-after knee microfractures did

- the short-term and mid-term prognoses for people with ankle microfractures is actually very good. The only published study out there, from over 3 years ago, had 90% of patients healing well during their recovery time-frame.

- most of this information is NOT readily available to the general public. So I believe MT2 was correct in assuming that the W's wanted to avoid the MF word, because general response will be like what we've seen below ('I hear MF surgery takes a year', 'remember how it ruined X's career?')... but the truth is compared to those surgeries, this one was minor. It was still a microfracture surgery, but it was on the minor end of the MF surgery spectrum.


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