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Dalton is a better least for now. Niner D>Bengal
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Posted by rem rehab on 2012-11-28 11:21:21

In Reply to: I'd take Kap over Dalton too. All of Dalton's wins are against bad teams posted by Lawston on 2012-11-28 09:02:42

so...Niners beat good teams,and can do so without a star performer at QB. I DO like Kaepernick's upside,and when it's playoff level games, I think ultimately,he's a better option than Smith. He might not be there right now, but He's only played a few games.

NEXT year would Kaep be better,for SF,than Dalton? Probably not quite,but,SF does tend to like a QB who can run some. Kaep is a bit better in that aspect than Dalton, though Dalton is able to run more than he does.


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