According to the Univ. of Bristol School of Chemistry:

"Microfractures are tiny fractures in a bone caused when the force applied to a bone exceeds the strength of that bone. This can be achieved through strenuous activities such as running, dance, military training or gymnastics. The result is weakening of the bone which can result in a normal, complete bone breakage or macrofracture. When microfractures occur, the rate of bone formation by osteoblasts is outpaced by the normal osteoclastic bone destruction, as the osteoblasts are now having to form bone to fill cracks as well as their normal bone formation. Hence the bone is weakened and more susceptible to fracture under strain. However if the bone is given rest, osteoblastic activity can catch up and completely repair the bone.

For elite athletes it is very important to know when they need to take a break, if they are to avoid macrofractures and the long time periods in which they cannot train or compete which are associated with this. Although pain is often associated with microfracture, diagnosis can often be hard."

It appears that a microfracture is an actual occurrence. But that microfracture surgery is a procedure that may, or may not, seek to help repair an area where there is a microfracture. The procedure, as pointed out to me by PNQ, drills tiny holes in a bone area in order to promote bone growth.
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