I can't think of too many big men who played at a high level after a lot of injuries

Amare,Brand,Boozer, Kaman,etc are bigs who had serious injuries as well and they are now backup level players. The only big man I can think of that is injury prone and still produces is Zach Randolph. This board wouldn't want to touch amare,brand,boozer,etc with a pole because they know they are damaged goods but when it comes to their own player they think he's going to go back to All NBA.
Posted by: gswinsider (69) on 12-11-28 09:46:24 | Advertiser
In Reply to: GS didn't learn from the Ralph Sampson experience, waited for a center with Gimpy knee to recover. posted by small rebounder on 12-11-28 09:41:38

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