wouldn't say nothing...

management hid the severity of the injury, with the express purpose to ensure no dips in ticket sales for the 2012-13 season. They then compounded the situation by rushing Bogut back or, if Bogut was the one pressing for an early return, then failing to tell him to sit back, rehab, and fully recover. Lacob et al seem like a shady outfit, especially with all the sexual harassament issues that popped up last season and were quickly swept under the rug. Shady outfits can still run successful outfits so still holding out hope they will turn this around. All that said, the trade had to be made and will end up being a good deal even if Bogut goes the way of Lister/Sampson/Peterson. Ellis had to go and it secured the picks of Barnes and Ezeli, two building blocks for the future.
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