yeah but you have to ask yourself what your goals are

is your goal to win 46 vs. 41 games this year?

or is your goal to win a championship

if your goal is to win a championship, you don't care about an extra 4-6 months this year ... you care about developing and protecting that asset as best you can, so that you are as good as you can be next year and the year after that and the year after that

a fully healthy bogut is a huge asset to the team itself but also as a trade chip

we fuck up his recovery, we lose that asset, and for what: the chance to win a few more games this year? who the fuck cares?

i swear, this is the #1 most ignorant part of this board - people don't understand what the ultimate goal is and literally think game-to-game only
Posted by: dude (103) on 12-11-28 09:30:42 | Advertiser | Moderator
In Reply to: Pretty set? It's a rookie and Biedrins....far as hell from set. posted by dontstopbelievin on 12-11-28 09:26:48

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