Trade led to Barnes, Ezeli, and Bogut. If Bogut doesn't recover we have a huge expiring contract at

the end of next year and we aren't pressured by the Montards to re-sign Monta to another huge contract at the end of this year.

I'm seeing a win/win regardless of Bogut ever fully recovering. I expect him to return at some point but if not, still a great trade.

Oh and because you don't seem to get it, I'll say it again. If we didn't trade Monta last year then we assuredly would have lost our pick (Barnes) to Utah last draft.
Posted by: gsfanatic1 (10284) on 12-11-28 07:58:15 | Advertiser
In Reply to: Ws brass covered up serious micro fracture surgery per Bogut. We've been duped. posted by thinktank disengaged on 12-11-28 07:33:06

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