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CB should be pretty solid. Culliver will be a stud, Tarrell Brown is up and coming and Cox could be
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Posted by Don Nelson's Chocolate Cake on 2012-11-27 23:32:30

In Reply to: I think the next draft should be DE, CB and maybe TE and just BAP posted by The Dude on 2012-11-27 23:26:35

good. I think the biggest needs are DE, NT/DT, and S. Whitner and Goldson are both boom or bust guys, but too often they get called for stupid penalties or get burned down field. And aside from yesterday's game, neither of them have caused enough turnovers as they should, based on their playing style. Sopoaga is solid but you can definitely find better guys through the draft. But yeah we really need to get a DE. Justin Smith is getting older obviously and so far it appears Ray McDonald's spectacular 2011 has more or less been a fluke. Would also not mind picking up a WR considering Moss/Manningham will be gone in about a year anyways. Imagine our WR core next year if we got someone like Justin Hunter or Da'Rick Rogers...


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