and how do you arrive to this unfounded conclusion?

Gasol is averaging 13 and 9 on 43% shooting per 36 minutes. Hoping that this performance would improve in a "new environment", such as with GSW, is ridiculous. The fact of the matter is Gasol, like any player, is rapidly declining with age. He has not been the same dominant post player since 2010, I would argue. Since then he has fallen, more or less, in love with his jumpshot that isn't even that good. And if you're arguing he's the 4th option or whatever in the Lakers system, fine, valid point, but you also have to consider he would be the 3rd or 4th scoring option with the Warriors as well. As of now I would say that our scoring options go something like this:

1. Stephen Curry
2. David Lee
3. Klay Thompson
4. Harrison Barnes


Replace Gasol with Lee and he immediately slides down that list. The reason we try to get Lee going so much is because he shoots at a high percentage and is fairly consistent with his offensive outputs. Curry and Klay aren't hitting their shots? Try to get D-Lee going, he often can make something out of nothing. Only on nights where he gets jumper-happy does D-Lee have an "off night". Gasol has these off nights more often than not and at this point in his career is a less reliable/consistent option than D-Lee is. Throw in the fact that Lee has been a much better rebounder the past couple years, and the unquestionable blue-collar attitude he brings to the team, I really don't see why you'd want an old, costly, soft, jumper-happy 7-footer on our team who consequently does not carry much trade value.
Posted by: Don Nelson's Chocolate Cake (51831) on 12-11-27 22:12:10
In Reply to: you do know that if Gasol is on GSW he would be putting up monster numbers right?? posted by vegaswarrior on 12-11-27 22:02:07

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