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Hollinger's Power Rankings - GSW (#12 overall, #8 in the West)
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Posted by AllWeatherFan on 2012-11-27 19:04:01

In Reply to: Can an Insider post the Hollinger ranking of the Warriors? posted by delphiseus on 2012-11-27 17:34:42

Golden State

Yes, that's the Warriors tied atop the Pacific division standings Tuesday morning. Yes, that's the Warriors who are 12th in the Power Rankings, going 8-6 despite a difficult early schedule and injuries to Andrew Bogut and Brandon Rush. Yes, that's the Warriors who are fourth in rebound rate, after finishing 29th or 30th for an astounding six consecutive seasons.

Rush won't be back but Bogut should be; he'll be a major upgrade on Festivus and banish the human free throw virus formerly known as Andris Biedrins back to the bench. Also, Klay Thompson will probably make a shot at some point this season, which would boost an underperforming offense. All told, all signs point to the Warriors being a very viable playoff contender, especially if clubs like Utah and Minnesota keep scuffling.


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