Last week 9ersnation was saying letting smith go would clear the way to extensions for bowman/goldso

From the linked article....
When the offseason hits, if Kaepernick has started the rest of the way, it would not surprise me to see Alex Smith demand a trade or his release. The team has control of Smith's contract, but they will not have complete control of the situation. I don't think Smith will act like a petulant five year old, but I do think he'll make his displeasure known. Troy Aikman spoke with him earlier in the week about how he would feel if he was cleared and did not start on Sunday, and Smith indicated he would be "pretty ticked."

I have to think it would take a heck of a sell job from Jim Harbaugh this offseason to convince Alex Smith to stick around if he has lost his job. And that's assuming the 49ers want to keep him around. Alex Smith's contract features a $1 million of guaranteed money. Smith is due a $7.5 million base salary if he is on the roster April 1. If they cut him before then they owe the $1 million. The cap hit in 2013 in that case would be the $1 million, plus $2 million in pro-rated bonus money from 2012. That saved money could be key in extending guys like Dashon Goldson and NaVorro Bowman if the 49ers so choose.
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