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wolves are just overrated, but yea I agree with that list. I would say portland and houston are
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Posted by ☺cráshbránman™ on 2012-11-26 03:44:09

In Reply to: Unless one of the teams makes a drastic change Ws, Mavs, and Jazz fighting for 7th and 8th posted by DK510 on 2012-11-26 03:29:30

dangerous too, but both of their benches are just awful.

Our Curry, who arts in splashing,
Hallowed be thy 3,
Thy Draymond come,
Thy games be won, on Earth as it is in Oakland.
Give us this trey our daily lead,
And forgive us for our poor passes,
As we forgive those who poor pass against us,
And lead us only by a few points,
only to be delivered by Threesus. Klaymen.



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