How ironic when you are the one who brings up the stupid fantasy football shit.

What I don't get is you throw the giants n the top tier after a win aganst the packers at home following two losses. Yet the niners just beat 2 of best teams and the are still below the giants? Fuck that. If you want to put giants on 2nd tier an pats and texans in firs, I can give you more credit, but that is some bllshit with the giants. That team does not beat the kaep niners which can rest the d and score more points.

As for your content. I understand the pats aren't
Playing a conventional team. But niners just did a. 3 man rush most of the game on brees and eventually started wearing the o-line down and brutalized Brees. They had to account for Brees spreading it around to graham, Moore, sproles, and Clayton. And btw, thy mauled all 3 of those guys at different
Times of the game, and nne of them were really a factor after the big hits.

As of woodhead is a sproles? He will be non factor Nd can we shutdown hernandez like we did t graham today? I don't see a problem sit that. I only see me hi beating us, a d that's walker.

Meanwhile, I see at least 28 points on your weak d. And I see brady getting around. 26.
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