We are not even having the same conversation

You don't have to shut down Gronk. He's not even playing in that game.

The problem is not my takes so much as it is people's ability to comprehend more than one sentence at a time. How many dozens of times have I said the top 7-8 are packed in tight, or that my rankings depend on short-term injuries getting healthy?

With a full deck, which the Pats already do not have in that game, they are an unconventional team. Your LBs and safeties are not cheating up playing the line, because they have to stay with Gronk, Hernandez and Welker. That leaves you 4-5 guys up close to rush and cover the run.

Brady is never taking more than a 4-count in the pocket, because we aren't a long ball team. We spread teams out and exploit their weaknesses. Again and again.

Danny Woodhead would probably get 80+ yards from scrimmage on draw plays and outlet passes and you guys would be totally mystified.
Posted by: buzz (4) on 12-11-26 01:34:46 | Advertiser
In Reply to: I just gave you content about how your rn game will be shutdown, and your te's won't be a factor posted by Thelonious Dunk on 12-11-26 01:21:33

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