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You constantly try to roll me up with the homers here, and completely excuse yourself
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Posted by Thelonious Dunk on 2012-11-26 02:16:31

In Reply to: You guys need to put 1% as much thought into reading these posts... posted by buzz on 2012-11-26 01:48:37

Again, am probabably the least homer here and I fully acknowledge the pats as a top tier team, even though sites like espn and yahoo sports don't. Nut you Re just brining a troll when you try and say the nners don't belong in that discussion, man.

And what the f!@k is up wit the giants dick sucking? They got their asses worked the last 2 weeks before tonight. Don't assume they get hot and beat everyone again. They don't beat kaepernick at home, believe that.


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