OK, so why do I kick the shit out of both of you guys in fantasy?

Don't bitch out and tell me you didn't care about it because it wasn't a money league. You were in it two years and I left you for dead by the 6th round in the draft twice.

Shit... you IM me near every week to ask who you should start. Times I have asked the same of you?


I have even given you major draft tips, no?

From you?


I ain't mad... but do results never matter? I am not slagging on your team to say they are top 5, so why patronize me when it has been proven endlessly that I have more on the ball?

Not mad, but whatever, lol.
Posted by: buzz (4) on 12-11-26 01:05:15 | Advertiser
In Reply to: Seriously, being a homer n pats d. posted by Thelonious Dunk on 12-11-26 00:51:05

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