better than doing it at the bill beleichik homless cenetr.

i really cant see how you arent afraid of this matchup. your run game will be non existant. our linebackers will handle hernandez no problem. lloyd will be covered and whoever else you pass deep to. only person causing a problem will be wlker, and you should be very worried about that dude's health when he faces hits from guys like bowman, wllis and goldson. these guys are gonna maul him.

we have a legit qb now, with an elite defenes, how do you even not doubt this?

ninrs belong in top tier with pats, houton, imo. giants dont deserve to be in there after the string of shit performances. it will take more than 1 goot game offensively at home to get back into top tier dude. these guy are sttill fighting for a plaaoff spot.
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