You guys will build a David-esque statue of Harbaugh...

...and take turns sucking its flaccid dick.

Dude, I don't know what is going to happen in any given game, especially before I know who is going to be healthy and playing in it.

From talking to you, I know that I know your team far better than you know mine, but that's cool.

Here's some stats for you off ESPN... Pats are 3rd in passing attempts while being tied for 4th best in sacks allowed. Between fumbles and INTs, Brady has only 3 TOs for the year.

Pats also #1 by a mile in turnover differential, with almost twice as many as 2nd place.

And this is with a shit-ton of turnover and injuries on the o-line, TE and in the defensive secondary.
Posted by: buzz (4) on 12-11-26 00:13:08 | Advertiser
In Reply to: What happens when we beat the pats? Lol posted by Thelonious Dunk on 12-11-25 23:57:20

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